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"We are going to talk about what makes us different. Why is Warren & Mounce Agency different from any other brokerage? You know, why would someone want to use us versus going down the block and using a different insurance brokerage?"

In episode 30 of "Yellow Colored Glasses", Jake, Mikayla, & Dustin talk about what makes our agency different. We value what we offer to our clients and strive to provide the best experience we can for them.

Teamwork: "I feel like we go above and beyond for people, but I feel like we go above and beyond for each other. As well as the way we work together and figure things out as a team." Our agency is a team. We work together to make sure our clients are getting the best of the best. One of the things we do the most in our industry is problem solve; as a team. "Sometimes we're having to be straight up honest with them when it's maybe not the easiest thing to do, but we're not going to run from that."

Proper Coverage: "Our main job is to make sure we have people covered at an adequate level and insured properly."  Our number one priority is to make sure our clients are covered sufficiently and correctly. Overall, our job is to teach the client on why they need the coverages we are presenting. "If we can save people money, then it's a nice thing on top at the end of the day." Being a brokerage, we have options to get the best coverage for the best price for our clients. We are able to take a look at our clients portfolio and confirm if they're in the right spot every three to five years. "For anybody that didn't know, you have an insurance score very similar to a credit score. There are a lot of things that can impact it, and shopping too frequently can be hurtful to the score."

Customer Service: "On our mission statement I mean, it's very, very clear - provide the client with the most pleasurable customer experience possible."  We will always go to bat for the customer. Whether it's educating on coverages, helping with billing, making policy changes, assisting in the claims process, we will do everything on our end to ensure you're taken care of. "Since we do take such good care of our clients in the sense of servicing, I think we attract good clients. We attract really good clients that are loyal, that want to be with us."

Modern & Technologically Advanced:  "We have ways of retrieving your information that are so much easier than it has been in the past. You don't need to go rummaging through paperwork to find VINs and driver's licenses, this and that. If you just click a link, we can receive your insurance information within, like, two to three minutes."  Canopy Connect makes the process of collecting the information we need efficient and effective. 

"Another thing that we do is we like to encourage telematics to our clients to offer a better way to control rates from client to client. You're being rated on your own driving versus the others around you. There is obviously some impact of other drivers driving around you. However, there's still an opportunity to control your rate."  Telematics is a way of the future and as an agency, we are working to be ahead of the curve. Again, educate our clients on products and services in which they can benefit from. "Telematics is the future and it's either you jump on board now or,... I do believe that if you don't jump on board now with it, it will hurt you in the future."

Efficiency:  "But from an efficiency standpoint and not playing phone tag and not having to go back and forth on things, that's why we do the things that we do with technology because not only does it make it super easy for the customer --mhmm-- makes it to where we can get you a quote back in fifteen, twenty minutes. We're ready to go."  It is often proven that the longer a process takes, the more likely a customer will forget about it. We strive to call someone back within 20-30 minutes with our solution while they're thinking about it. This goes for new clients or a service request.

Creative & Solution Oriented:  "And I feel like it takes some grit and determination to get creative and be solution oriented for certain situations. And we are very dedicated to doing that for every single client."  We face many situations day in and day out. Our goal is to come up with a solution and options regardless of what's in front of us. "There really isn't any problem that we don't solve. And if we can't solve it, it's because we've exhausted everything we can. And I feel like that's what makes a good insurance agent. You know, going the extra mile, taking the extra steps, making a phone call to underwriting, making a phone call to the service team, and figuring out what the deal is with billing or whatever the case may be."

At the end of the day, we are striving to set ourselves apart by going above and beyond on the topics above as well as advancing our knowledge.  At Warren & Mounce Agency, we want to attract the next generation of clientele and start their insurance history off on the right foot.

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